Daikin Group offers products utilizing technologies in both air conditioning and fluorochemicals to provide comfort in all aspects of people's lives around the world.
Through our strength in energy-efficient technologies, we develop and bring to market products and services that reduce energy consumption, thus contributing to sustainable development in society.
Not just only through our technology, we proactively support initiatives that support development of our community.

CSR Activities in Viet Nam

Daikin Scholarship

This is an annual award for students who have good achievements in Air Conditioning Technology.

Daikin Scholarship

Archigames Sponsorship

Vietkim has been a sponsor for Archigames held by Ho Chi Minh Architect Association for four consecutive years.

Archigames is a tennis tournament, an annual event held for the purpose of creating a playground for architects in the city to compete and exchange information within the industry.

Architects from all over the city attend this event, receiving plenty of acknowledgement among the community.

Archigames Sponsorship

The Daikin Group CSR Activities

We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of both the company and society through its strategic management plan, which encompasses the CSR challenges we face in carrying out our business. This strategic plan is founded on two pillars: contributing to the environment while expanding business, especially regarding the prevention of global warming, and nurturing human resources.

Please view Daikin Group's sustainability website for further information on our CSR activities.

Daikin Group Sustainability
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