Daikin Group

Daikin Industries, Ltd. in Japan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of air conditioning equipment and the only integrated air conditioning manufacturer in the world. With the capability of developing a full line of dynamic products from refrigerants to air conditioners, Daikin has built a well-established and strong presence in five major areas namely, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe as well as North America.

Pioneering products include the first packaged air-conditioner in Japan 1951, and the world's first Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system in 1982. Daikin is committed to explore and adopt cutting-edge technology, in order to continually offer value-added and solution-based products and services to customers. The Group currently holds the prime share of the air conditioning market in Japan, and is the leading performer in VRV technology.

As a global company, Daikin is always ready for the next big trend in air conditioning, as exemplified by its quest for innovation and its strategic acquisition of McQuay Group and Goodman Global.

Being a leader in creating clean and fresh environments means that Daikin develops quality products that are both innovative and lower Earth's carbon footprint.

Daikin Business

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Since becoming the first in Japan to manufacture packaged air conditioning systems in 1951, Daikin has supported comfortable living based on the strengths of technologies that it has itself nurtured as the world's sole manufacturer to create a full line of products from refrigerants to air conditioners.


From being the first in Japan to take on fluorochemicals in 1933, Daikin has continued its role as a pioneer in bringing over 1,800 types of fluorine compounds such as fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, and fluorocarbons to the world using Daikin own unique technology.

Oil Hydraulics

We have been contributing to worldwide industry development since beginning sales of lubrication equipment to shipbuilders and engine manufacturers for the first time in Japan in 1929.

Defense System

In the Defense Systems Division, Daikin precision machining technology ensures the highest standard for precision, performance, functionality, and quality in the manufacture of defense related products, including ammunition, warheads, fuses, aircraft parts, as well as in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as home oxygen cylinders.


We support structural reforms at companies with unique IT solutions that enable companies to compete globally in the harsh competition of the borderless economy.

Group Philosophy

Daikin's Group Philosophy establishes the fundamental mindset for all employees to share in common in aiming to continue evolving. It is aimed at becoming a corporate group that is trusted by customers worldwide, and that instills pride in Daikin employees around the globe. Daikin's People-Centered Management, meanwhile, is based on the belief that employee growth generates corporate growth and is implemented with the goal of creating a workplace where employees can use their talents to the fullest.

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