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New air conditioner for new home

Our customer - Mr. Vinh, is looking for an air conditioner to celebrate his parents' new home.

Because of the air conditioner will be installed in the bedroom, it must operate smoothly and save energy. After researching, Mr. Vinh decided to buy Daikin’s FTKV air conditioner with Inverter technology using environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32, with high energy efficiency index (CSPF) which is saving more electrical power than conventional inverters on the market. In addition, Daikin’s FTKV also has Apatite titan air filter to bring clean and fresh air, which is very important for the health of Mr. Vinh’s parents.

Not only smooth operation and energy saving, but the reliability of Japanese brand is the reason why Mr. Vinh chose this FTKV.

Our Customer's feedback

“Our old house has an old air conditioner, but it operates noisily and poorly cooling. My parents are old so the sleep is very important. After choosing Daikin's FTKV, my parents can sleep well at night because Daikin’s air conditioner operated smoothly and cooled well. Besides, the new air conditioner also has air filter so my father did not cough as before. I am really satisfied with my decision and will recommend this product to my friends".

Product Information

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  • Product series: FTKV
  • Installation location: Bedroom

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