Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Round Flow) Type

360° airflow improves temperature distribution and offers a comfortable living environment.

  • Round Airflow
  • Anti-mold and bactericidal treatment filter
  • Adapts easily to installation space
  • Drain pump is equipped as a standard accessory with a 850 mm lift.
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Round Airflow

The industry's first* Round Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette type offers 360° airflow with improved temperature distribution.

* The release date in Japan.

Ease of Installation

  • The light weight unit at 19.5 kg for FXFQ25-50LU models makes installation easy.
  • Adapts easily to the installation space
  • All-round flow, 2-way to 4-way flows are available. You can choose the most suitable airflow pattern depending on location or room layout.

Quiet operation

Low operation sound level

Anti-Mold and Antibacterial Filter

The air filter has an anti-mold and antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of mould generated from dust or moisture that may adhere to the filter.


Cooling Capacity kW 2.8 3.6 4.5 5.6
Btu/h 9,600 12,300 15,400 19,100
Heating Capacity kW 3.2 4.0 5.0 6.3
Power Consumption Cooling kW 0.033 0.033 0.047 0.052
Heating kW 0.027 0.027 0.034 0.038
Sound Level (HH/H/L) dB(A) 30/28.5/27 30/28.5/27 31/29/27 32/29.5/27
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 246 x 840 x 840
Cooling Capacity kW 7.1 9.0 11.2 14.0
Btu/h 24,200 30,700 38,200 47,800
Heating Capacity kW 8.0 10.0 12.5 16.0
Power Consumption Cooling kW 0.066 0.093 0.187 0.209
Heating kW 0.053 0.075 0.174 0.200
Sound Level (HH/H/L) dB(A) 34/31/28 36/33.5/31 43/37.5/32 44/39/34
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 246 x 840 x 840 288 x 840 x 840
Note: Specifications are based on the following conditions;
  • Cooling: Indoor temp.: 27°CDB, 19°CWB, Outdoor temp.: 35°CDB, Equivalent piping length: 7.5 m, Level difference: 0 m.
  • Heating: Indoor temp.: 20°CDB, Outdoor temp.: 7°CDB, 6°CDB, Equivalent piping length: 7.5 m, Level difference: 0 m.
  • Capacity of indoor unit is only for reference. Actual capacity of indoor unit is based on the total capacity index. (See Engineering Data Book for details.)
  • Sound level:
    Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured at a point 1.5 m downward from the unit center.
    During actual operation, these values are normally somewhat higher as a result of ambient conditions.


Please take a look at the table below for the detailed information
regarding the appropriate combinations of indoor units and outdoor units.

VRV Combination Table
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