Slim Celling Mounted Duct Type (Compact Series)

Slim and compact design for easy and flexible installation

  • Compact design suited to use in drop-ceilings
  • Great for residential use
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Slim and compact design

Only 450 mm in depth, this model is suitable to install in limited spaces like drop-ceilings

Drain Pump

Drain pump is equipped as standard accessory with 750mm lift.

Available in two types

Ceilling return and ordinary duct.


Cooling Capacity Btu/h 7,500 9,600 12,300 15,400 19,100 24,200
kW 2.2 2.8 3.6 4.5 5.6 7.1
Heating Capacity Btu/h 8,500 10,900 13,600 17,100 21,500 27,300
kW 2.2 3.2 4.0 5.0 6.3 8
Power Consumption (kW) Cooling 0.072 0.075 0.078 0.180 0.180 0.196
Heating 0.056 0.059 0.062 0.152 0.152 0.168
Sound Level (HH/H/L) dB(A) 33/31/29 34/32/30 35/33/31 37/35/33
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 200x700x450 200x900x450 200x1,100x450
Note: Specifications are based on the following conditions;
  • Cooling: Indoor temp.: 27°CDB, 19°CWB, Outdoor temp.: 35°CDB, Equivalent piping length: 5.0 m, Level difference: 0 m.
  • Heating: Indoor temp.: 20°CDB, Outdoor temp.: 7°CDB, 6°CWB, Equivalent piping length: 5.0 m, Level difference: 0 m.
  • Capacity of indoor unit is only for reference. Actual capacity of indoor unit is based on the total capacity index. (See Engineering Data Book for details.)
  • Sound level:Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured at a point 1.5 m downward from the unit centre. During actual operation, these values are normally somewhat higher as a result of ambient conditions.
  • *1 Values are based on the following conditions: FXDQ20-32SP: external static pressure of 10 Pa; FXDQ40-63SP: external static pressure of 20 Pa.
  • *2 External static pressure is changeable to set by the remote controller. This pressure means “High static pressure - Standard”. (Factorysetting is 10 Pa for FXDQ20-32SP models and 20 Pa for FXDQ40-63SP models.)
  • *3 The values of operation sound level represent those for rear-suction operation. Sound level values for bottom-suction operation can be obtained by adding 5 dB(A).
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