VRV III Single outdoor unit series

Meet VRV III Single outdoor unit series, connectable to both VRV and residential indoor units.

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Low Operation Sound

Nighttime quiet operation function: Operation sound level selectable from 3 steps for the night mode: Automatic mode, Manual mode, Combined mode.
The operation sound level for the night mode can be selected from
55 dB(A) (Step 1), 50 dB(A) (Step 2) and 45 dB(A) (Step 3).

System includes 1 single outdoor unit

  • Suitable for houses, offices, shops and small and medium size building
  • The VRV III Single outdoor unit series offers 6 models to select from, providing the power that suits your needs.

Combination of VRV Indoor Units and Residential Indoor Units

Indoor units can be selected from 2 lineups, both VRV and residential indoor units, to match rooms and preferences.

Energy Saving

High COPs: thanks to advanced features such as the heat exchanger, the grille and the dual DC fans VRV III Single outdoor unit series achieves a high level of efficiency.


Cooling Capacity Btu/h*1 76,800 96,200 115,000 137,000 155,000 168,000
kW*2 22.4 28.0 33.5 40.0 45.0 49.0
Power Consumption*2 kW 5.24 7.90 8.93 12.40 14.20 16.40
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1,680 x 930 x 765 1,680 x 1,240 x 765
Sound Level dB(A) 57 58 60 60 60 63
Note: Specifications are based on the following conditions ;
  • *1 Indoor temp. of 27°CDB, 19.5°CWB, and outdoor temp. of 35°CDB.
  • *2 Indoor temp. of 27°CDB, 19°CWB, and outdoor temp. of 35°CDB.
Equivalent piping length: 7.5 m
Level difference: 0 m
Sound level:
  • Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured at a point 1 m in front of the unit at a height of 1.5 m.
  • During actual operation, these values are normally somewhat higher as a result of ambient conditions.


Please take a look at the table below for the detailed information
regarding the appropriate combinations of indoor units and outdoor units.

VRV Combination Table
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