Cooling Only

FTKC Series

FTKC Series with smart Coanda mask with long air flow 9m help to delivering a comfortable and draftless environment.


Being able to use existing refrigerant piping, VRV IV-Q offers quicker and easier installation.

FTKQ Series

The FTKQ series with new curve design for the front panel. The glossy finish creates a sleek, modern look which blends easily with any decor.


VRV A, Exceeding Boundaries with Innovative Energy Savings.


Air condition your entire home with a single outdoor unit

VRV IV S Series

This design gives the building a sleek look from the outside view and the clear view of the scenery without any blockage from the inside of the building.

Packaged Air Conditioners R-410A

Success at research facilities and factories often hinges on strict control of air temperature and quality. To these environments, Daikin offers an abundant range of packaged air conditioners for precise control of air and temperature to help preserve accurate results and product quality.

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An innovative air conditioner that heats water efficiently by utilizing waste heat generated through air conditioning.

FTF Series

Dòng máy lạnh tiêu chuẩn với thiết kế hợp thời trang, mang nét tinh tế đến mọi nơi trong nhà bạn và chỉ số năng lượng 3 sao giúp ít tiêu hao điện năng.

FTKM Series

Dòng sản phẩm FTKM sở hữu 2 công nghệ mới là Hybrid Cooling (Cân bằng độ ẩm) và Luồng gió Coanda giúp đạt hiệu suất cao với chỉ số CSPF lên đến 7.40

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