Maintenance Service

Chillers and air conditioning units provide important functions in stores, buildings, production facilities, computer rooms and constant temperature humidity rooms. Should they fail to function properly, various inconveniences result.
Daikin offers maintenance contracts to prevent air conditioner failures and to ensure optimum performance of your air conditioning systems for many years.

Maintenance Service

Advantages of Daikin Maintenance Contracts

  • 1) Savings

    You can plan your budget easily since there will be no unexpected expenditures for equipment repairs.

  • 2) Environmentally Friendly

    Equipment operates efficiently, thus reducing energy consumption and helping preserve the environment.

  • 3) Safety

    Safety is one of the most important requirements for air conditioners utilizing high pressure gas and electrical components.

  • 4) Longer Life

    Careful and thorough maintenance prolongs the service life of your equipment.

  • 5) Smarter Functions

    Periodic inspection keeps your equipment in optimum condition to provide accurate temperature control.

Description of contracts

Corrective Maintenance

In our corrective maintenance service, we repair equipment promptly and ensure proper functioning of air conditioners.

Air conditioner users must consider the following problems in equipment:

  • (1) Increased possibility of equipment malfunctions as years pass
  • (2) Costly repair fees and discomfort resulting from equipment failures
  • (3) Service life of equipment shortened by malfunctions
Corrective Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance service provide scheduled maintenance to maintain air conditioners in optimum condition.

  • (1) Periodic inspection and monitoring of operation conditions enable prompt detection of equipment abnormalities. Replacement of parts and prevention of malfunctions minimize performance deterioration resulting from aging.
  • (2) Periodic inspection and parts replacement in preventive maintenance effectively reduces equipment problems and malfunctions.

Scheduled parts replacement provides the following benefits:

  • a) Higher equipment reliability and longer service life
  • b) Prevention of unexpected problems
  • c) Prompt detection of parts wear and performance deterioration to maintain equipment in optimum condition

As a result, overall maintenance costs can be reduced. Air conditioners cannot provide maximum performance and capacity if they are not maintained properly.

Scheduled maintenance is indispensable to maintain optimum operation and prolong service life of air conditioning systems.

For further information, please contact Daikin Service Centers nationwide.

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