Japan Brand, Daikin

The world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer - Daikin. Behind its steady growth were two conditions unique to Japan - “the diverse climate that gives rise to distinct four seasons” and “limited resources.” Honed in a severe environment known as “Japan,” the pursuit for high quality air conditioners that meet various user needs and great attention to details from developing to manufacturing proudly made Daikin’s air conditioning technology the world’s top class.

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A Country of Diverse Climate & Beautiful Four Seasons - Japan

Located to the east of the Asian Continent, Japan has distinct four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Japan is an island country that spreads wide, north to south, surrounded by sea. Hokkaido in the north is in a subarctic zone with temperatures dropping far bel ow zero degrees in the winters, whereas Okinawa in the south is in a subtropical zone with high temperatures all year round. Moreover, climate differs greatly depending on whether you are on the side of the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Japan and in different regions. Daikin air conditioners have evolved in response to such diverse climate.

Brisk and Mild Spring

Spring in Japan is a time when beautiful new green leaves sprout and cherry trees as well as flowers of various colors blossom. The temperature gradually rises after the cherry blossoms bloom in the end of March. The climate is mild and comfortable this time of the year.

Hot and Humid Summer

In many places, temperatures rise above 30°C in the daytime. With moist air coming in from the south, humidity level rises and people feel the temperature higher than the actual temperature. Therefore, people in Japan required dehumidification functionality in addition to cooling. With this, the humid and unpleasant summer season became comfortable.

Autumn with Bright and Vivid Foliage

After the summer heat cools down, you begin to feel chilliness in the mornings and nights. We welcome the season of autumn leaves and harvesting. We can enjoy the beauty of the clear sky and the brilliant red and yellow foliage.

Severe Winter with Deep Snow

On top of severely cold temperatures, heavy snow can be experienced in the winter. Due to the seasonal wind, the Sea of Japan side will be covered with snow, while the Pacific Ocean side becomes dry. In order to overcome the severe and dry winter weather, air conditioners were required to humidify while powerfully heating the room.

Energy Saving Technologies Originated from Resource Limited Country, Japan

Japan depends on other countries for energy supply, due to its limited resources. As a result, Japanese manufacturing has achieved high environmental performance, by focusing on fuel consumption in automobiles and energy consumption in household electronics.

Air Conditioning Occupied Rooms Only

A conventional air conditioning system cools the entire building, including unoccupied rooms. In order to create comfortable environments using lesser energy, we came up with the concept of air conditioning necessary rooms only.

Energy Saving through Inverter Technology

An inverter is an energy saving technology that eliminates wasteful operation in the air conditioning by efficiently controlling the motor speed. When compared to non-inverter air conditioners, inverter air conditioners consume approximately 30% less energy.

From Japan to the worldJapan Brand, Daikin

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